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Stefanie began her career in the beauty business the day she was born. Born into a renowned German and European family hair business, perfection was demonstrated in craft by her father and meticulous organization was demonstrated by her mother. Championship titles in hair design were something Stefanie grew up with and she cherished competition from a very young age.

She began working professionally in hand care and nail enhancements at the age of 18. Stefanie’s determination was to learn and work outside the family business and to find her success on her own. Stefanie’s perfection in her craft grew her reputation in Düsseldorf and she was quickly the most, sought after nail professional within a short two years. That success awakened her competitive spirit and she began her legendary career in the competition circuit. Stefanie holds 8-time German champion titels. She continued on competing internationally..

..and earning herself countless European and International titles. Stefanie’s nails sent a benchmark in the professional nail industry that is and has been admired to this day. The success she found for herself was something she wanted to share with her fellow nail professionals worldwide.

Stefanie began educating other nail professionals giving all of her knowledge selflessly. She became quickly known as “the educator that shows everything and shares all of her experience without keeping anything for herself!” Stefanie has educated in over 50 countries and countless cities and has coached world class competitors that have succeeded in their dreams. Stefanie’s talent for organization harmonized with her desire for perfection in her craft. Her sense of business drove her into more and more into consulting work industry wide. Her feel for nail products lead her into research and development of professional nail enhancement products in all systems. Stefanie is proficient in all enhancement systems including; monomer and polymer (acrylic), UV/LED gel, and UV/LED gel polish. Stefanie’s work with chemists and chemical engineers has led to some of the highest preforming products in the nail industry today. Stefanie began creating education programs that are seen not just within Europe, those programs are utilized globally. She has consulted with countless companies in refining their education programs. Stefanie’s competency has led those companies to success and generating more profit and improving financial profiles. She has created a legacy in the professional nail industry and continues to create a business model for success through organized and proficient



Nail designer 1992, trained piercer in 1998, national trainer in nail design 2002, trained & certified beautician 2002, podiatrist 2002, trained & certified in permanent make-up 2004, international trainer in nail design 2005, trained lash stylist since 2016, house & property manager 2018 , Dog trainer according to §11 since 2016, 2018 examination and approval for the acceptance and implementation of behavioral tests according to §4 para. 1 of the regulatory authority ordinance for the implementation of the state dog law NRW (DVO LHUundG NRW) in conjunction with §2 para. 2 DVO LHundG NRW, 2018 examination and Recognition for the issuance of certificates of competence according to §1 Abs. 4 DVO LHUundG NRW in conjunction with §2 Abs. 2 DVO LHundG NRW

Judge & Competitions


2002 Cologne 2nd place national competition, 2003 Cologne 2nd place national championship, 2004 Munich 1st place German championship, 2004 Essen 1st place German nail designer, 2004 Düsseldorf 1st place national championship as part of the Beauty Int., 2005 Frankfurt 1st place German nail designer, 2005 Amsterdam 1st place European championship, 2006 Düsseldorf 1st place national championship as part of the Beauty Int., 2006 London winner of the Winner Division 2 Nail Olympics Olympia Beauty, 2007 Düsseldorf 1st place national championship as part of the Beauty Int., 2007 Helsinki 1st place acrylic sculpture Pink & White Finnail Olympic, 2007 Helsinki 2nd place Gel Pink & White Finnail Olympic, 2008 Düsseldorf 2nd place international championship as part of the Beauty Int., 2008 London 1st place Nail Olympics sculpture acrylic P & W Division 3 , 2008 Helsinki 1st place French Twist Finnail Olympic, 2009 Düsseldorf 3rd place national championship as part of the Beauty Int., 2010 Düsseldor f 1st place national championship as part of the beauty Int.


national & international championship as part of Beauty International, Finland, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Estonia, Denmark, Nailympia London, Nailympia London online, Russland


For companies

Creative Nail Design (CND), WWBD, Beauty Factory, Magnetic, Society Nails, Indigo, Fantasy Nails, Nails2000, Alessandro International, Natis Nails - MyCo Switzerland, Glory Nails, Nail Creation, Hollywood Nails, Dalidovic Belarus, Charm (Rome), Lady Nail (Naples), Hair association Norway, ABC Nailstore, Astonishing, Trade fair Duesseldorf



RTL, Pro Sieben, Sat 1


Scratch Magazine UK and Australia, Nailpro Germany, Prof Nail Germany, Prof Nail Netherlands, Naglar Norden

SNIJ.S. Lo Re+49 (0) 211 171 19 12
Worringer Platz 18Nordrhein-Westfalen40210DüsseldorfDeutschland

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