Division 1 – Novice (no educators)

Students and professional nail technicians that have never participated in any recognized nail competition anywhere in the world. (NO educators/ trainers to enter this category.)
Nailympia will accept registrations in Div 1 if they have not entered more than 2 national nail comps in the preceding 12 months before entering any Nailympia.

Division 2 – Apprentice (educator entry level)

Students and professional nail technicians that have competed, but never won a recognized competition anywhere in the world but have placed up to 2nd position. All educators MUST use this as entry level unless they enter the masters - division 3.

Division 3 – Master

Any competitor that has won a world title, placed first in a recognized nail competition of any type, or is ranked as a Top Competitor.




Per comp, the team’s 3 highest scores are used (not per competitor across comps). One Team min of 3 - max. 6 members. Each competitor must register and select and fill in the team button - name of the company - name of the other team members (only for registrations at Nailympia Germany).
NOT INCLUDED - Gel Polish Manicure, Runway Nails, Reality Nails, Photographic/Poster.


The German champion is calculated by the highest scores from Div 1 - 3, in technical & challenging competitions: Acrylic T&O & Sculpture, Gel T&O & Sculpture, Salon Nails, Gel Polish Manicure. The competitors need to live and work in Germany and need to have a German ID or passport. A limited residence permit is not allowed, only an unlimited residence permit. ID, Passport, or unlimited residence permission needs to be sent via e (Nailympia Germany organization) right after registration. 
NOT INCLUDED - Runway Nails, Reality Nails, Photographic/Poster, French Twist, Mixed Media, Stiletto, Joy of Nails, Invent a Nail Shape and Photographic/Poster.


The European winner is calculated by scores taken from Stiletto, Joy of Nails, Salon Nails & Reality Nails. The active location for this cup is the UK.
This is awarded in London.


The global winner is calculated by the scores from Stiletto, Acrylic Sculpture & Gel Tip & Overlay, so 3 highly technical & challenging competitions undertaken in all active locations - and based on the decision of the global director Alex Fox.
This is awarded in London.


Must enter 3 or more comps.
NOT INCLUDED - Gel Polish Manicure, Runway Nails and Photographic/Poster.


There is one winner per division. 3 highest scores from comps entered are totaled.
NOT INCLUDED – Runway Nails, Dip System, Gel Polish Manicure, French Twist, Mixed Media Boxed Art, Reality Nails and Photographic/Poster.


Must have won one of the qualifying comps to enter. Must have entered at least two comps. All scores added together.
INCLUDED: Runway Nails, Joy of Nails, Reality Nails, Mixed Media Boxed Art and French Twist.


What does perfect match mean?
If the participant enters the category UV / LED Gel Sculpture (right hand) and the category UV / LED Gel Tip & Overlay (left hand) on the same model, the judges will then score both hands and assess the evenness of the nails. The more both hands (sculpture and tip & overlay) are alike, the higher the scores will be.
The same applies to Acrylic Sculpture and Acrylic Tip & Overlay
There are no extra fees.

  • Each competitor receives a certificate of participation (pdf) via e-mail no later than 2 weeks after the competition.

  • All categories (each Division), 1st - 3rd place receive a medal gold, silver or bronze and a certificate.

  • German Champion Cup: 1st to 3rd place will receive a gold, silver or bronze trophy and a certificate. They are calculated from the highest number of points - regardless of the divisions.

  • Team Winners: Division 1-3 only top scorer will receive a trophy, medals and a certificate.

  • Individual Top Scorer: only one top scorer will receive a trophy and a certificate.

  • Winner of the Winner: Division 1-3 only, top scorer will receive a trophy and a certificate.

  • Art Winner of the Winner: Division 1-3, only top scorer will receive a trophy and a certificate.

  • Score Sheets will be handed out after the ceremony or will be sent by email, based upon the schedule and time of the event, otherwise no later than 2 weeks after Nailympia Germany (pdf) via e-mail. 



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