Alex Fox


- Nailympia Global Director -


Nailympia is the largest global organization for nail competitions. Founder Alex Fox is passionate about their growth to provide a platform for nail professionals worldwide. In an interview (2022), the industry expert revealed what she particularly loves about her job and the competition:

The Nailympia has been around for 20 years. Were you there from the start?
At the 2004 Las Vegas Nailympia, I was invited to help behind the scenes. I was very impressed with the idea of ​​this competition to create an unbiased, non-product driven place for all nail professionals to compete. So I brought this competition to the UK in May 2005 – it's been called Nailympia ever since.
What fascinates you most about your job?
I love the nail industry because it offers a career, a purpose and a fantastic opportunity for people with young children to make a good salary. You give other people a great feeling through independent and creative work with free time management. This is just amazing!
What does nail art mean to you personally?
I love nail art in all its facets. I'm a pretty crazy person at heart: I love that we can express ourselves in every imaginable way on our tiny fingernails. I also love looking at extreme nail art and observing the creation process. And most of all I love the nail professionals: they are always so interesting, creative, imaginative, talented and intelligent people who are often not respected enough by the rest of the beauty world.
Have you ever been to BEAUTY Düsseldorf? What are you particularly looking forward to?
This year I'm at BEAUTY for the first time and I'm really happy that Nailympia is a guest at this top-class beauty fair in Düsseldorf. I am also delighted to see the partnership between me, Steffi and Ivonne from Signature Nail International (SNI) and Messe Düsseldorf flourish. And I can hardly wait to see the participants live again. We all missed people and events for a long time!




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